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Forum Rules

Post#1 » Fri Dec 30, 2016 4:58 pm


This is the Forum rules revision 1 some of the basics to cover.

1) No Greifing - Lets Keep it a friendly and a community atmosphere.
2) Respect for all - Remember we will have both new and seasoned players so lets not lose sight of the fact this is a Help Community first and foremost.
3) Listen to the MSH Representatives. Accept what they have to say and move on.
4) No Spamming outside the retrospective catergories.
5) Any information details on the forum are best effort. Proceed with their instructions cautiously as we take no liability for scams/spams
6) Never give out any private information you do not want the world to see which includes account information.
7) English Only in the main forums. If you wish to have a lanuage sub-section please inform a Staff Member.

If you can think of others let us know at:

- Wayne
MSH Staff.

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